Lucca © 2011 Adrien Meredith Hefta. All rights reserved.

Dynamic Lucca

Photographer’s Tip:  If you are looking to make your photos pop, Dynamic Light is a really fun app to have. One can use it to massively change the look of a photograph, which is sometimes appropriate. Looking back over my photographs from Europe, I see that I used it quite a bit on some rather famous and overly photographed places (London Eye, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence’s Duomo) in an attempt to make those iconic symbols stand out from the crowd.

However, it’s also possible to subtly change an already dramatic photo just ever so much by putting it through the filters.  Looking at this piece four months later, I didn’t recognize at first that I’d used Dynamic Light. That is, until I looked up the title I’d given it on Instagram.  Here the already bright colors from my Hipstamatic settings get exaggerated to help portray the beauty this is Lucca.

I think Dynamic Light works best on buildings and landscapes for a really dramatic effect. There are many different styles to play with, in addition to controls with each, to effect the direction of the “light”.  Like any app, the best way to learn it, is to try it.  Play, have fun with the different settings and see what happens!

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