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My IG Birthday

Saturday was my one year anniversary on Intstagram. What a year it’s been!! I have been reawakened as an artist! I have met (albeit virtually) some incredibly kind, talented, funny, artistic, creative and giving people, who have helped to give me a new outlook on myself, art, photography, social media and much, much more!

Throughout the day, I found myself reminiscing on some crucial moments in my IG life, times when other artists gave me a word of advice, or offered a compliment that meant a lot. I feel like I’ve grown so much, in large part to their inclusiveness, but also just by looking at their great work. Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We are influenced by what we see. And many of the challenges that I participated in allowed me to stretch a bit, try something that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I thanked many of them, on IG, with little notes about how much they’ve meant to me. I didn’t get to all of them, but hopefully, as it makes sense, I can tell the rest who’ve been such a help, just how grateful I am.

Big thanks to a real-life friend who showed me the app a year ago, thinking it might be something I’d like. Little did she or I know how much of an impact it would have on me. I probably wouldn’t be making art, at least not to the extend I currently am. This website wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be selling my work on Etsy. I wouldn’t be hanging my work locally and having a resurgence of interest and plans for more.

Thank you, Instagram! Thank you, my IG family!! XOXO-Ella67

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  1. Dave Kinville

    A big Happy Birthday to you Ella! Your art is truly amazing as well as you are! Thanks for letting me apart of your great journey. This IG thing has been such an inspiring venture. I cant wait to see what you’ll be creating next!!

    Your Friend,

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