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It is so easy to hide one’s self, even in plain sight. The self confidence it takes to stay strong in times of doubt is fleeting, but I need to remember I am much stronger (in so many ways) than I used to be. My biggest current obstacle is having the quiet TIME I need to figure out what needs to happen next. I’ve got lots of ideas; I’m “creating” in my mind, but overwhelmed by the day to day routines to remember where I left off. Here’s a partial list of the projects I have for myself:

  • card making (holiday, valentines, birthday, gift tags)
  • decoupage projects (for gifts or fun)
  • play around with blurb, install mobile app
  • desk calendars (huh? why now? because it’s almost the new year)
  • necklaces (I got a cool new tool to make little charms with my photos!!)
  • print new photos and frame for upcoming show
  • post more listings to Etsy shop
  • promote my work on other websites and submit for shows
Meanwhile, I haven’t taken many new photos or been involved with my IG friends, which is getting me down. I’ve said this before, but the “business” side of my art is a full time job on its own, and an easy distraction to the creativity. Left brain, right brain struggles persist!

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