February 9, 2011 © 2011 Adrien Meredith Hefta. All rights reserved.

Seeing Trees

Instagram has opened me up in other ways, too.  Not only was I influenced by other artists, but I was empowered by the social media site to actually tell them, to share with them work I made because of the influence they had over my POV.  Being able to see great art and copy or be inspired by them, is a timeless tradition.  (I’m not talking about “paste and cut”, obviously, which in the digital age is so easy and a serious problem on IG!)

This photograph was inspired by a Scottish photographer, who at the time was sharing a lot of great photographs of “lone trees”.  I thought of him when I took this shot and felt empowered enough by my earlier exchange with the Greek artist, to actually come right out and tell the Scot that I was thinking of his work when I took this.  He, too, was a polite and encouraging fellow artist, whom I have a lot of respect for.

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