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A New Beginning

To say I was reawakened as an artist by Instagram is almost an understatement.  I was not only thrilled to have a place to show my work, but I was immediately and completely inspired by the other artists I found on the site.  I joined IG about 2-1/2 months after it started, but already there was a huge group of people doing some amazing stuff!  (I was lucky enough to get involved with it before it was overrun by teeny-boppers posting their Justin Bieber fan posts; before the popular page was 90% pseudo kiddy-porn.)  When I started, the popular page was a place to find incredibly talented, like minded artists, from around the world.  I look back on some of those early exchanges as truly life changing.

This photo was one of my earliest successes, in that it was positively received and commented on by a fellow photographer from Greece, whom I’d been following and was greatly impressed by his work.  He continues to be one of my favorite artists on IG, and when he “liked” this, I was thrilled!  I told him how he’d influenced me; that I’d thought of his work when taking this photo. He replied with a kind (and very humble) comment to the effect he wished he could take such a shot. Of course his work was superior, but in receiving this little encouragement from a guy half way around the world, I was changed.  It is still something makes me smile.

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