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Sunday I attended the world-wide Instagram Instameet. Locally, we met at Magnuson Park. Thirty-three of us gathered in the freezing wind off of Lake Washington, to come together, shoot photographs and share our love of IG.

At first I felt out of my element, because I like to shoot city scenes, abstract details and architecture, and be alone in my thoughts. Yes, I wanted the social aspect of the community, but I realize it’s harder to be creative, for me, when I’m also aware of all the people around. I looked around and saw too much open space (kite hill), everyone shooting the same things (the sculptures and each other) and felt soooooo cold and uninspired that I wondered how long I would stay. However, as soon as I came upon this building (which at first I was really hoping was a bathroom!) I hit my stride. I wasn’t at all surprised that there were a ton of other photographers drawn there, all of us shooting it in our own way.

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