Leaves © 2011 Adrien Meredith Hefta. All rights reserved.

Finding the Right Light

Sometimes, as I’m driving in my car, I’ll see a sight so fantastically beautiful that I exclaim out loud, “ohhhh, look at that light!” And yes, it’s always some amazing light: the sun setting or rising, or perhaps not yet setting, but low enough in the sky it’s hitting certain objects in such a way as to take my breath away.

There is one place along my daily route where this seems to happen at a LOT this time of year. It’s due to the time of day I’m there, and how the sun hits it just so. It’s the ship canal bridge, where I-5 crosses over the ship canal and the University Bridge. The light hits the steel and makes some incredible shadows. Unfortunately, I’m almost always driving, and usually with my kids, so I don’t stop to get out and shoot.

Last week it happened that I passed that spot at the right time, on the right day. The sun was out, the leaves were brilliant, I was alone and not on a schedule, so could stop and explore with my camera. It was harder than I thought to get the steel bridge, but the leaves were a gimme.  Such beauty in light and decay!

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