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Looking In

I attended my first organized photowalk over the weekend. I had attempted to go to others in the community over the past many months, but the timing never worked out. Truthfully, I was a bit nervous, meeting up with a group of people I didn’t know. But, the fact it turned out to be a challenge, a scavenger hunt of sorts, made me more at ease. I was immediately excited. I LOVE a challenge, so I took it seriously and easily made it to all 10 places in the hour we had to find, photograph and post the shots. The unfortunate thing was I forgot to charge my phone before going, so I was frantically trying to get to everything before I lost all battery life. If I’d had more, I certainly would have done better on the spot editing and additional shooting.

After the outing, the group returned to the coffee shop for a little round table discussion and announcements of the prize winners. I didn’t win any, but I was quite fond of the overall experience. I got to meet a few fellow Seattle-area IGers. I followed even more, as it was easy to find many on IG the next day based on tags and comments.

This shot through the window of Cafe Umbria (above) is probably my favorite of the day. It was our first stop along the route, when I was still keeping with the group. Soon afterwards, I took off on my own…loner that I am. (ha!)

I also took some in King Street Station that I really wanted to like, but as it was my last location, I was too rushed to get the compostions just right. It is a beautiful, if decrepit, building, that I hope to get back to soon.



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